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As the word says, this site consists of poetry, some written by others, but most are mine.

Talking Aloud in Silence

There is nobody here yet to hold and love, Alone in this room I wait.               For company who understands my hurt,  Knows how to both love and hate. We hurt for our losses … Continue reading

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In A  Night

Toss and turn too hot too cold  Breathing drawn in, sorrows untold Seeking solace, ease, peace, sleep.  Dreams arrive at last, burning deep Demanding the treasures be a sacrifice On an alter crafted of man’s every vice. In reaching for … Continue reading

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Ghosts of Christmases Past

Magic, wonder, excitement, feet thunder Down the hall, you hear me call, Hey, get up! It’s Christmas! As I grow tallish I get to polish The forks and spoons, sing Christmas tunes Help set the table now that I’m able. … Continue reading

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Bright sun blinds and reveals                                                                                                              At one and the same time                                                                                                              Glaring off a windshield                                                                                                                    Coloring a rose sublime. Hear the sounds in the heat                                                                                                                  Of children laughing, playing                                                                                                                 Of water cooling and flowing,                                                                                                            Green garden hoses spraying. Breathe in the blooming flowers                                                                                                        Smell … Continue reading

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Standing in My Mind

Today I sit leaning back in the recliner Dreaming of strength Remembering better times And seeing myself through the eyes of others. In my mind I see me young and slim, Independent, intelligent, indestructible. Was I living in my mind … Continue reading

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Fickle Muse

Dreaming awake turning one way repeat Feeling the blanket, sweat on the sheet Hear the voice of the Muse soft and so sweet Promising words with pattern and beat. Gentle wind blowing ideas to me Longing for freedom, longing to … Continue reading

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Another Day Another Daydream

I dream. I eat. I breathe. I hope and pray. I love. And I daydream. Looking out the window I see the clouds which hold the triggers for the dreams, past present and future. I can drift backwards through the seasons … Continue reading

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It was the day after Christmas and all through my house Not a creature was stirring, not a cat, not a mouse The dog was all settled with me in my bed And visions of family danced in my head. The house … Continue reading

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Voices in the Night

The night is filled with sorrow and grief For so is the world, friends and strangers, Never a lack of tragedies to hear in the dark.                                                                                      Sit up and worry in the nearly black room, Hoping morning will be here very … Continue reading

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Ashes to Joy

Every day when I wake I feel sorrow and pain. With my feet on the floor I struggle to gain Enough strength to force this body upright. Going through the motions, first steps are taken Slowly, so slowly, the cobwebs are shaken, Darkness recedes from strengthening light. Things of yesterday have … Continue reading

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