It’s Father’s Day again!

I can’t believe I haven’t had time/energy/urge to get back to this site since before Christmas.  So many changes I didn’t get adjusted to one before another one struck. Struck?  Felt like it!  The one amazingly restful time was when my husband and I finally, after forty years of marriage, went on our honeymoon in Hawaii on Oahu in February.  I’m in love, with both Dave and Hawaii.

We came home from there and started the packing and the house-hunting which became apartment-hunting. We moved in to our hopefully “forever home” in April right after two of our daughters moved and right before one son moved.  I forgot to say the year started out with moving my mother from our home to an assisted living facility where she gets the help she needs that we were no longer able to give her.  I have guilt, which is foolish but oh, so human.  See, I’m not an alien!

Five of my grandchildren have birthdays in April and one has his birthday in May. Throw in Mother’s Day and we had a lot of parties going on.  I love love love the family time.  My body can’t keep up.  Party one day, sleep for three.  🙂  This month my oldest daughter had her birthday party at a cool place with a live band doing ‘eighties music. The beat had me chair-dancing (sitting in it, not standing on it or dancing with it) until I was close to catatonic. Though completely exhausted I was still somehow refreshed.  Music is good for the soul.

Tomorrow we go another round.  Father’s Day gathering, with 3 of the 4 fathers and families in attendance. It is the most wonderful group of men I have ever known.  We are springing my mother from the ‘home’  and including her in the feasting and fellowship and fine weather (too hot for me!).  Next up is a graduation party for my oldest granddaughter, and we’ll be  through with the June celebrations as we will have run out of weekends.

The 4th of July and another family birthday are in guess which month? You got it!  And the year goes a bit more peacefully (only one or two events per month) until November.  I’m sure we’ll have invented  a few more occasions or borrowed some from other countries so the mad whirlwind life will continue to roar through like a hurricane with a happy ending, leaving me full and content. I may still be unpacking then.  We shall see.

To all the fathers who read this and even to those who don’t, Happy Father Day.