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Voices in the Night

The night is filled with sorrow and grief For so is the world, friends and strangers, Never a lack of tragedies to hear in the dark.                                                                                      Sit up and worry in the nearly black room, Hoping morning will be here very … Continue reading

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October 14, 2013

As I write today’s date I realize the beautiful month of October is almost half over. Right now the sun is shining, the trees are ranging from green to yellow to orange to red. The breeze is tickling the trees … Continue reading

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Oh, I Remember Now

Well, it’s been over a week since I had my computer in my lap and ready to receive my wisdom and foolishness, poetry and prose, now and then. I wish I had my  mind  back, the one that is user … Continue reading

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You Never Call, You Never Write

I never thought I’d see the day of telephones connecting us with other people with the touch of thumbs, one if to send, two if by text. I am amazed by the advances in the technology I didn’t understand in the first place. … Continue reading

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