Oh, I Remember Now

Well, it’s been over a week since I had my computer in my lap and ready to receive my wisdom and foolishness, poetry and prose, now and then. I wish I had my  mind  back, the one that is user friendly, not the one I’m often stuck with. I think I know what’s what and find what’s not. I think I can do something and rediscover that I can’t. 

I had a point I wanted to make. It’ll come back to me. I hope. Maybe before midnight. Meanwhile, I’ll just blather on bravely. If one stresses the thought/point can be squeezed out through the ears, never be recovered. Unless, of course, the thought has lowered itself quickly on a bungee cord in which case it may spring back and smack one upside the head. Sometimes twice.

That worked! What I remember now has to do with the first sentence I wrote. Here it is. When I am away from the computer for more than a day I find it daunting to get through the accumulation of emails. There are a lot of new posts on Facebook I will never see, and several that take time to read, like and add my nickel’s worth.  If it’s been too long I’m done in without even reaching the best part (I always save the best for last), the blogs, both mine and others. Did you know I can never tell you what I had for breakfast? Not just because I can’t remember for sure but also because I forget to have breakfast. How did I end up at the food table? Oh, cuz once again I forgot what I wanted to say.  Yikes!

So, a very big deal is going to happen very soon. My 86-year-old mother is moving from here to assisted living as soon as all the paperwork is done, give or take a few days. My husband and I with one dog and one inherited cat will need to find a new place to live in a hurry as we needed the money mom gave us monthly to help pay the extra rent for the extra bedroom. That whole monstrous reality also slips from my memory. The task of sorting and packing for two places will be exhausting. When it’s done, will I be able to blog again or will I have forgotten this site. Or will I be able to sit up for a few weeks? Time will tell.

Tell what?

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