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When we first got internet access In 2000, I was very timid about everything. I found some newsgroups about the health issues I was enduring and read long enough to know I wanted to be a part of them but … Continue reading

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Ashes to Joy

Every day when I wake I feel sorrow and pain. With my feet on the floor I struggle to gain Enough strength to force this body upright. Going through the motions, first steps are taken Slowly, so slowly, the cobwebs are shaken, Darkness recedes from strengthening light. Things of yesterday have … Continue reading

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What I’ve Filled

  What I’ve heard would fill a kingdom What I’ve learned would fill a home What I’ve done would fill a cart. What I’ve had would fill a room What I’ve lost would fill a book What I’ve loved would fill … Continue reading

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Back in NYC

I never lived in a big city when I lived in New York State so any trip to the City brought me a sense of excitement, anticipation, adventure and a dash of wonder. Some of the memories are of class trips to museums and planetariums and … Continue reading

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I Know This Place

I know this place. I’ve been here before, Though I can’t remember when, or who Was my companion and what We did or didn’t do. I know that big old apple tree Growing by that old stone wall With apples … Continue reading

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Inside Out

I am sitting in my chair, laptop atop my lap, dog curled up, also on my lap, close enough to work as an armrest. The temperature has cooled down and a breeze gently comes through the screen window, for which … Continue reading

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A holiday like this should be Boisterous and full of a melody Of laughter and love and living sound, And the sight of the youngest running around. A barbecue to signal the retreat Of the season on scurrying feet, And … Continue reading

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When I hear helicopters flying overhead in a westerly direction I assume they are heading back to base. Coming from the west they are probably leaving said base. Circling the area may mean a news helicopter looking at an accident … Continue reading

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Me, Myself, and Denise

Born August 14, 1951 as first baby, later oldest daughter as 1 sister and 2 brothers joined me in the attempt to drive our mother nuts.  It worked! Played several musical instruments, some better than others. Sang. Taught piano, guitar … Continue reading

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what the…?

I have written a few posts lately which have, after draft saving and editing and clicking Publish, vanished into some heretofore unknown cyber realm. Does anyone know where they go?,

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