A Busy Year

I last posted quite a while ago, not for lack of interest but for a total lack of energy.  We did a lot in the last year, and though I enjoyed most of the activities and changes they took their toll on me.

We moved to Arizona last May and lived in our RV for several months.  Dave ended up in the hospital for an appendectomy but insisted I go on the scheduled cruise with some of our family without him.  I repacked his things and rearranged mine to make room for a lot of guilt, but he was definite about me going.  As news reached us at sea, I used up every bit of guilt as it turned out to be a ruptured appendix.  They changed up his antibiotics and his white cell count continued to rise.  At some point my dear daughter by marriage buttonholed the doctor and asked exactly how bad it was and should she get in touch with his family. The answers were bad and yes.  She tried to get in touch as did we with her, but communication was hit and miss. No floating cell towers I guess.

Meanwhile, out on the sea, we all worried and did our best to enjoy what the ship and the shore had to offer. It was fun in a lot of ways. I would love to cruise my way around the world if it was possible. And it would be a lot more fun if Dave was with me. There was a moment in time when I felt a horror drop on me like a weight. I fell face down on the bed calling out to God, “Don’t let him die!” I spent a few moments in tears, then in heaviness joined my children and grandchildren for another meal.

The news came that even though his white cell count was still very high he had made a turn for the better and might go home to rest and let the antibiotics work. He came home on a Saturday with a drain in for one of the abscesses and IV antibiotics which were administered by previously mentioned daughter, my hero. Heather had carried the load for me, and continued to do so after I finally returned from my not-really wild time in Alaska. Daughter Christel had spent time with him and flew back home as daughter Debby and I flew in. It was hard on the other family that they couldn’t be with him. Phooey, it was hard on the family that could be with him! To see him weak and puny was so very sad. He was the man who was hardly ever sick, who rarely missed more than a couple of days a year for illness. He was the one who did everything for everyone, and to see him in need of help was awful.

Every time I talked to him from the ship he just wanted to make sure we were having fun. “But are you having fun?” I did my best to have fun. Dave improved slowly but surely, the first drain came out and a second went in for another abscess, and eventually he was able to stop the antibiotics. The lovely visiting nurse stopped visiting, we were back in our own home and he was able to walk our dog so Abby came home, too. Dave was thoroughly disgusted with how long it took him to recover completely, and there are always other changes such a major physical trauma causes. They pop up here and there unexpectedly. Not often enough for me to get used to them so it’s always a surprise.

Pardon my improper grammar, spelling and incorrect wording. It’s too hard to have to go back and figure it out, so I am leaving it as is until a future date. I am done for the day. I hope to return more promptly than last time!

2 thoughts on “A Busy Year”

  1. Love you Ma! I’m so happy to be part of your adventure. You and Dad are the best parents -in-love in the world. ❤️

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