Bright sun blinds and reveals                                                                                                              At one and the same time                                                                                                              Glaring off a windshield                                                                                                                    Coloring a rose sublime.

Hear the sounds in the heat                                                                                                                  Of children laughing, playing                                                                                                                 Of water cooling and flowing,                                                                                                            Green garden hoses spraying.

Breathe in the blooming flowers                                                                                                        Smell the newly mown lawn.                                                                                                               Taste and see and feel                                                                                                                         Before July is gone.

Ball games, picnics, and fireworks,                                                                                                    Lakes and pools and streams                                                                                                              Willows swaying in the wind                                                                                                           And dancing in our dreams.

The hot and restless nights                                                                                                        Whirring from the fan                                                                                                                  Smiling at the memories                                                                                                                     Of when this day began.



Denise A. Carr

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