New Year, New Plan

I don’t approve of New Year’s Resolutions.  Always reaching beyond our grasp we are nearly always doomed to failure. I hate failure. It encourages discouragement, self-loathing and a host of other dark emotions.

Me, I prefer lightness and joy, and sometimes find it in a world of my own creation where crabapples are sweet, thorns dulled and unicorns roam.  If I were to make a resolution for 2015  I would resolve to spend more time in that world.  Then I would have to think about doing it, acknowledge its unreality and therefore stay much less often, defeating the resolution and my positive outlook.

I like fairy tales, and long to live happily ever after.  Therefore I will take what steps I may to be a happier person.  I will communicate more with more and more friends.  I will tell someone I love them more often. I will throw a ball for the dog and pet the cat.

No, these are not resolutions.

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